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A super shock absorbing stirrup with a wide grip surface, built for its strength and lightness these are the ultimate performance stirrup. Designed with the best high tech engineering with the competitor in mind. Flex on offer comfort, stability and safety with a stylish modern look.

The Green Composite Range Ultra lightweight yet strong frames are designed from organically sourced polyamide materials built with an internal steel frame to reinforce the polymer outer shell. Making these stirrups strong but lightweight.
These stirrups feature a slightly angled foot bed to help with the natural heel position combined with the ultra grip tread to stop the riders boots slipping.

This design also helps to prevent injury, by minimising the pressure put on joints caused by the movement of your horse, thanks to the built in elastomer springs. The treads rest on the elastomer springs and are ergonomically designed with offset stirrup leather slots for a better connection to your horse and increased comfort.

Easy to clean (simply wipe with water!) and available to customise in a range of colours, the Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups are the ultimate choice for both everyday and competition use.

Comes with an inclined, ultra grip footbed.

Flex-On Safe-On Stirrups All Colours

Step 1: Iron