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Design your own De Niros

At Westleighs we work closely with De Niro to help you find your perfect boot! These can be completely bespoke and you design all aspects of the boot yourself: the placement of the zipper, the colors & leather types, the decorations, the top shape and so much more!


On this page, we showcase a wide variety of options for your custom-made pair of DeNiro tall boots. If you get stuck please contact us, or come in store, and we would happily help you create the riding boots of your dreams!

Follow The Steps Below

Write down your selections for each step

Let us know what they are and order by phone, email or in store

Last Step = Step in your Stirrups with your fancy new boots!

Step 1: The model

The first step in the design process is picking the right model. The model of the boot determines where the zipper is placed and how the lines and stitches of the boot are shaped. All DeNiro tall boot models are exclusive and unique, and they all come with their own distinguishing features. Some models are more suitable for certain disciplines. The available DeNiro models are shown in the gallery below. Please note that DeNiro Tricolore models are not included in this page, since these models only come with a few custom options!

DeNiro Boots Banner
Banner de niro Boots

Step 2: The top design

After you’ve chosen your model, it is time to pick a top shape. There is a wide variety of top shapes available. These shapes can all be ordered with a standard bow or with a high dressage bow. Every top has its own unique features which will ensure a very nice overall look.

Step 3: The toe cap & sole

The Toe Caps

The Vibram sole

All DeNiro tall boots (except for the Tricolore line) are made with a Vibram sole stitched to the bottom of the foot. This very durable and sustainable Vibram sole is available in three colors: Light brown wood-look (P1), black (P2) and Dark brown wood-look (P3). You can choose whichever color you prefer.

The Ride & Fly sole

Are you looking for ultimate comfort? Through its nanotech molecular particles, this sole is non-toxic, recyclable, antibacterial, shock absorber, can be used for soundproofing, is water and fire resistant, anti-traumatic, and extremely light. The Ride&Fly sole is available in five colors: Grey/Black (P4), Black/Black (P5), Brown/Black (P6), Beige/Honey (P7), and Beige/Black (P8).

De Niro Boots
Banner-de-niro Boots

Step 4: The materials


Leather types

You have now picked the complete shape & base design of the boot! Now, it’s time to pick your leather types. You could either get the complete boot in one single leather type, or you could pick the leather type for each part of the boot separately! This means that you could get the whole boot in matte black, or you could choose to get the foot in matte green, the shaft in brushed burgundy, the toe cap and heel in a floral purple, the top shape in shiny gold, and the pipings in matte grey! Anything is possible; dare to be different, dare to be original, and let us help you design your absolute dream boots!

DeNiro Boot Co. offers more than 200 leather types. We have divided these leather types up into groups of similar styles and prints. The swatches of these leather types are shown below. Do you need a better picture of one of our colors? Or an impression of how two colors would look together? Simply let us know! Our product specialists have years of experience in designing DeNiro boots. We would be happy to help you out!


Additionally, you can get the stitching of the boot done in a color of your personal preference. The stitching can be done in the exact color or the leather that you have chosen, but you can also pick a contrasting color for the stitching of your boot. A contrast-stitching can really pull the overall look of your design together beautifully. For example, a burgundy boot can look extra gorgeous with black stitching, and a sporty blue design will look extra unique with white stitching. A wide variety of stitching colors is available, so simply take your pick!

Step 5: Extra options and decorations

Now that you have put together every aspect of your boots, it is time to think about adding extra options, upgrades, or decorations to your design.



Every DeNiro boot can be ordered in four levels of stiffness: Soft – Comfy hard – Standard hard – Extra hard. We do recommend not to get Brushed, Patent, or Texturized leather on a soft shaft because this leather will wear out more easily on a soft boot. If you choose to get a comfy hard, standard hard, or extra hard boot, your boots will be reinforced in the outer shaft. The inner shaft will be soft still. The reinforcement of the outer shaft stops just above the ankle, so the ankle and foot of your boot will still be soft and super comfortable. It is also an option to get both the outer shaft and the inner shaft reinforced, but most riders prefer the inner shaft to be soft for optimal contact with the horse.



Several additions are available for most DeNiro models. These additions include adding spur reststo the foot of the boot, adding a comfort-knee cushion to the top of the boot, adding a lambskin liner on the inside of the boot, or getting your initials embroidered in the heel or in the zip guard of the boots.



To finish off your design, DeNiro Boot Co. offers a variety of decorations, like Swarovski elements, studs, and crystals. These decorations are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Would you like to add such decoration to your boot design? Let us know, and we will discuss the options with you.

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Looking for Inspo? 

Take a look at our gallery to see some different options. Or alternatively click the button below to see what's we have available in store (Next Day Delivery). 

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