Whether its your first time horse riding or you’ve been riding for a while, getting new riding wear is always a bit of stress as there’s so much to think about, finding clothing that’s suitable for you, comfortable and safe are only a few of the factors to think about.

This guide will help you get an idea of what is needed for safety, what is suitable for riding and how to get the best comfort from your clothing.

1. Riding hats

Safety first! Everyone that rides a horse will need a suitable riding hat that meets safety standards, it should have a chin strap that sits tight to keep your hat on steadily and must be fitting to your head, so if anything happens it will protect you properly.

Not all hats are very fashionable to wear, so why not have a look at our collection of hats that are made to look fashionable and stylish while providing full safety.

2. Riding boots

Suitable high quality riding boots are essential for every rider. Always make sure that your riding boots have a distinctive heel on them, so that while riding your horse you have grip on the stirrup and your foot wont slip through as this can be painful.

If you choose paddock boots, I would recommend getting some half chaps – these travel from the boots to your knees, which can reduce rubbing and wear and tear on your clothing.

3. Breeches/tights

Breeches/tights are the most suitable for wearing while riding a horse, due to them being tight fitting they would get caught in any horse accessories. Breeches/ tights are also made with breathable fabrics and have added materials on them to give you extra grip to the saddle while riding.

We provide a collection of breeches and tights that are stylish and have that ultimate comfort factor.

4. Riding Jackets

Whether the weather outside is cold or wet, you can get suitable jackets that sit comfortably on you, with enough room to move your arms around comfortably and one that is not too long that it sits underneath you or gets caught in the saddle. They supply warmth as well as protection from the rain.  A jacket with reflective materials can come in handy when hacking if that is something you do more often it might be something to include when purchasing a jacket.

5. Riding Shirts/Tops

While riding to avoid clothing getting caught within the horse accessories, we would recommend wearing breathable, tighter tops rather than baggy tops.

6. Riding Socks

A thick pair of knee-high socks does not sound like a necessary but wearing socks that aren’t suitable for your riding boots and ones that slip can be irritating, uncomfortable and can encourage blisters.

7. Riding Gloves

Durable gloves are recommended to wear to protect your hands from rubbing while holding leather or rubber reins.