Half Pad

A half pad is useful for additional padding between the saddle and horses back. They also alleviate minor saddle fit issues; however, the half pads can dramatically change the fit of your saddle, so using the wrong one can cause major discomfort to the horse. On Westleighs, we sell two variations of half pads, made by the well-known brand Eskadron.

Saddle Pad

A saddle pad is used to absorb sweat, cushion the saddle, and protect the horses back.  The saddle can cause friction to the horses back, as it rubs directly on the horse’s hair and skin, so this accessory helps protect the horses back. If you have a saddle that fits well, you will only require a simple saddle pad, which is a cheaper option.

We sell a wide variety of different brands, including Eskadron and Kingsland. We also have different colours and textures of saddles.


Whips are used predominantly for horse racing jockeys. They are used for encouraging the horse, which aids the horse to activate and focus. The horse realises its full potential by giving its best performance, but the whips cannot be used to coerce. The current design of the whip was developed with input from the RSPCA. Whips are made from thick foam padding to make sure the horse does not get hurt.

All the whips sold on Westleigh’s are cushioned and are labelled as BSJA 2020 legal under the correct guidelines.


The saddle is placed on the horse for the rider’s benefit. With a saddle you gain support, security, and control over the horse. The saddle makes it possible to keep in balance by allowing you to sit over the horse’s point of balance.


Horseshoes are one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your horse. They are used to help aid in the durability of the hoof. The hoof has a soft and tender inner part called the frog, which can be injured. Overtime, the hoof will naturally wear away when the horses walk, so having horseshoes on your horse’s hoof helps to keep the hoof in a healthy condition.


  • Always start the wrap over the bone, not the tendons.
  • Bring the wrap around the front of the cannon bone first.
  • End of the wrap along the cannon bone as well. If you are right-handed, start the wrap on the left leg on the outside of the cannon bone, wrapping clockwise.

Bandages are used to protect the horse’s tendons, cannon bones and fetlock joints, to prevent swelling after strenuous exercise and in some cases to keep their legs warm. Westleighs stock Eskadron and Esquiline bandages in white and both come in a set of four.


There are two types of brush. A body brush or a soft brush. A body brush is a smaller designed brush which can be used on the head, but it is important to note that you should be careful to avoid the horse’s eyes. A soft-bristled brush removes finer particles and dust, adds a shine to the coat and is soothing to the horse.

It is advised you regularly brush your horse because it helps their skin and coat stay healthy. Brushing your horse gives the horse a massage that helps improve circulation and releases the tight muscles. When your horse wears a saddle, harness or blankets, dirt and debris can build up underneath, so brushing your horse helps remove this.
The main brand of brush Westleigh mainly sell is HAAS brush’s and these come in different styles depending on personal preference.

Hoof Pick

The hoof pick is a tool used to remove mud, bedding and any stones that have compacted in the underside of the hoof. This should be done daily before and after riding to help keep the horse happy. If this is not done, and a stone becomes lodged in the hoof, it is possible that the weight of the horse could push the stone right in the sole which can have serious consequences.


Combing the horse’s mane is perfect to achieve a neat and tidy mane without causing any stress or aggravation to the horse. The Solocomb that Westleigh’s sell is made from the highest quality material and stainless blades. The Curry combs in stock on the site are made of every soft special plastic inside for a good massaging effect. Hard on the outside that helps distribution of the force and strength evenly.


Blankets are primarily used to shield horses from varying weather conditions and climates. The right blanket choice will help to regulate your horses body temperature and maintain a healthy condition. They can also be used to keep the horse’s hair short, which is mainly for show purposes.


Horse Boot

A protective boot or wrap which is designed to prevent a horse lower leg or hoof from experiencing trauma. Horse boots are also used to absorb shock when a horse’s hoof hits the ground making it an overall a more enjoyable experience for the horse.

Horse Lead

A horse lead is usually attached to the halter or more often separate and are used to lead the horse. A horse may be led by a person on the ground, sometimes called “leading in-hand,” or may be led by a rider mounted on another horse, a process called “ponying.” A “string” of animals refers to animals tied to one another by their leads, whether the human leads the horses in hand or from another horse.

Horse Breastplate

A breastplate’s purpose is to keep the saddle or harness from sliding back. It becomes particularly helpful on horses with large shoulders and a flat ribcage. It is also a safety component from the standpoint that if the rider’s girth or billets should break, the rider will have time to stop and dismount before the saddle slips completely off.


A martingale is designed to control a horse’s head carriage and act as an additional form of control. Also used as it prevents the horse from throwing its head so high that the rider gets hit in the face by the horse’s poll or upper neck.

Ear Net

An ear net is used whilst riding horses to prevent bugs, flies and dirt from entering your horses’ ears, which can be irritating or distressing to the horse. Likewise, it also helps prevent the horse from being distracted whilst riding as nothing is irritating them.


Halters strap to a horse’s head and are used for leading and tying the animal. A halter is like a collar for horses, and some are referred to as head collars. All halters provide the same basic function to provide a means of controlling horses’ movements during handling.

Horse Lunge

Lunging builds respect and trust between horse and rider and can also be an excellent source of exercise for your horse.