A sporty, elegant and highly comfortable riding glove for fashion-conscious equestrians. The June glove has discreet and sparkling ROECKL lettering.

Features include:

* Supple, elastic Lycra on the backhand providing high wear comfort and playful mobility for your fingers
* Lycra absorbs sweat, dries quickly and is also napped and fluffy on the inside for added warmth and first-class climate management
* The palm consists of DURASENSE, a thin, tactile and a robust synthetic suede material that is laminated with a warming lining
* Non-slip ALL-WEATHER-GRIP siliconization, gives you optimum grip in both wet and dry weather conditions
* Boasts a particularly comfortable and exact fit which is adapted specifically to the anatomy of the female hand
* ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT-CUT: An easy closure fastener reliably secures the glove around your wrist
* Machine-washable at 30°