The horse riding stirrups made entirely of aluminium and the widest opening on the market.

The Tech Safety Stirrups are provided with a revolutionary safety mechanism which allows, if needed, a section of the ring to open, thus easing the release of the foot; thereafter, thanks to a specific spring, the section gets back in its original position. The spring allows the moving part to stay closed during riding activities and to only open when a certain pressure is applied.

These stirrups are suitable to use in many equestrian disciplines thanks to the shape ot the stirrups and flat pad.

The patented grip, thanks to its strong design, helps avoid accumulation of mud and water, thus granting excellent adherence.

This model is suitable for an easy replacement of the pad.

They have a shiny finish and are available in 20 colour combinations.

Technical Details:

Weight: 540g
Slope: 0′ degrees
Concave: No
Dimension: 125mmx65mm

*Before using safety stirrups, please carefully read the ‘User Manual and Safety Warnings’ contained in the box.