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The Samshield Shadowmatt Helmets are high quality riding hats that can be customised in an almost unlimited amount of ways.



The outer shell of the helmet is made of polycarbonate, which is a material used, among other things, for high-end motorcycle helmets. It is covered with anti-scratch mat painting.The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density providing a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact.



The internal comfort foam, “shape memory”-kind, ensures a constant thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid jugular cancels all risks of tipping the helmet due to violent movement.This internal comfort foam is removable thanks to a strong clip system. This is much easier and more secure than traditional scratch/Velcro systems. It can therefore be washed at will in order to constantly be able to wear a clean and fragrant helmet. It also means that a replacement can be purchased and used whilst washing (it’s good to have a spare!).



Equipped with a front air inlet, the Shadowmatt helmet provides exceptional ventilation.Fresh air is channeled from the front entrance to the back extractors around comfort foam which prevents from sweating. This concept generates strong internal airflow avoiding the need for visible and unsightly air inlets: the equestrian elegance is retained without banishing technicality and comfort.



Samshield Shadowmatt and Premium helmets meet CE EN1384:2017 and ASTM/SEI standards. Samshield also works with the CRITT (a French-certified laboratory renowned for being the most demanding in the world) to ensure that all its products respect their standards.


Available to order 2-4 Weeks - or call us to see if we have it in stock (1-2 days). 


PriceFrom £438.33

    Samshield Riding Hats are available in three shell sizes (Small, Medium and Large). This is due to a thorough anthropomorphic study which led to designing an inner-shell form with unmatched comfort.

    Each shell can accommodate 4 to 5 inner foams of different sizes in order to obtain a perfect adjustment to the rider’s head. With this system, it is also possible to follow the growth of a young rider. Due to being able to easily purchase different sized liners there is no need to replace the hat as the riders head grows.

    Measuring Head Size

    Circle the largest part of the skull with a soft tape measure (if measuring around long hair, tie the hair with a low-pony tail: this allows for correct measurement and reduces rotation when the helmet is worn).

    Determine the shell that you need to choose considering size grid below:

    Fitting Information

    NOTE: Shadowmatt liners can fit in a Premium shell / Premium liners can fit in a Shadowmatt shell. The choice of liner is down to personal preference.

    • Always adjust and close the chin strap before you make any fitting movement tests.
    • If you feel that the helmet is too large or too small you can then adjust with a thicker or thinner comfort liner (please contact us and we can provide the correct liner in exchange).
    • If you have purchased a premium liner but do not like the “loose” feeling then do not hesitate to try a Shadowmatt liner. Again this is personal preference, some people prefer the Premium Liners and some the Shadowmatt Liners.

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